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Established in 2015 and now in its third year of growth, the Berggruen Fellowship Program is a cornerstone of the Institute’s mission to nurture ideas that shape the future. Our partner universities now include: Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, New York University, the University of Southern California, and Peking and Tsinghua Universities. 
Our Fellows’ research interests range from global and technological development to philosophical and cultural change, with the focus varying at each campus. For example, Berggruen Fellows at Stanford University’s Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS) focus their research on the how the technologies that define our era are evolving and reshaping how we interact with one another. At Harvard University, our Fellows are interested in understanding how culture, ethics, and systems are formed over time and what they mean today. And at USC, Berggruen Fellows work on the transformation of human to understand how humans as individuals, in relationships, and as a species are changing in face of new technologies and scientific methods. Although diverse in their areas of study, the Berggruen Fellows also collaborate and dialogue with one another throughout their term, providing them an opportunity to expand upon or refine their ideas.
Founded in 2010, Berggruen Institute’s mission is to develop new ideas for shaping social and political institutions in the current era of Great Transformations. We study these transformations not only by looking at how new technologies are remaking the world, but also by considering cultural and religious shifts, upheavals in politics and efforts to reform governance, changes to the structures of economic organization, and environmental change. And we consider the scales of changes at everything from the level of human beings themselves; to social groups and other forms of collective identity; to human interaction on a planetary scale.
Three of our partner universities are currently accepting applications or new Fellows:

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