The inaugural class of Berggruen fellows - Left to right: Jin LI, Chenyang LI, Anna SUN, Daniel BELL (director of Berggruen Institute Philosophy and Culture Center), David WONG, Yi-Huah JIANG, Margaret LEVI (director of CASBS Stanford Univresity), Rajeev BHAGAVA
The Berggruen Institute nurtures ideas that can shape the future. It focuses on philosophy and the human sciences, governance and public policy, and mutual understanding across civilizations. 

Great Transformations

In an era of enormous change, the Berggruen Institute seeks to make informed choices about the human future possible. We pursue better understanding of forces driving great transformations and relations among them, including: 

1. Artificial intelligence, bioengineering and other technologies that can potentially redesign life and human society.

2. Crises of legitimacy in politics and social institutions.

3. Transformation of capitalism and geopolitics.

4. Cultural innovation and attempts to resist it.

To this end, the Institute is sponsoring a unique fellowship program that will give thinkers the opportunity to study, work and live at leading universities in China and the United States, including, Harvard University, Stanford University’s Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS), Tsinghua University and Peking University. 

Berggruen Fellowship at Stanford

Berggruen Fellowship at Harvard Safra Center of Ethics

Berggruen Fellowship at Harvard Divinity School

For further information about the Berggruen Fellowship program please contact Jenny Bourne at

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